ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis alderman is looking to the city prosecutor’s office for answers after a woman he accused of carjacking him was released from jail.

Alderman Brandon Bosley (Ward 3) told FOX 2 the woman was initially jailed and charged with two felonies. However, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office later withdrew the charges and let her go.

“I’m working to get an answer from the Circuit Attorney’s Office; (to) find out what it is that helped them make that determination,” Bosley said. “I’m not angry at them for the decisions they made.”

The incident happened the night of Dec. 22, Bosley said, as snow and extreme cold blew into St. Louis. The woman confronted Bosley near N. 18th and Madison streets in north city and demanded the keys to his vehicle, implying she had a gun in her pocket, he said.

Bosley posted his allegations in a profanity-laced Facebook Live video from the scene, claiming shots were fired nearby, also showing him finding the woman lying in the street, offering to help but also threatening to shoot her if she pulled a gun on him, before driving to a nearby gas station where he met with police.

The woman was initially charged with attempted robbery and armed criminal action. She had a knife in her pocket, not a gun, according to police. The charges were dropped after police interviewed Bosley a second time.

Though Bosley said he could have been off the mark with a few technical details, he stands by his allegation that she tried to take his vehicle.

“Absolutely,” he said.

Still, he did not want his feeling to be misconstrued based on the Facebook post.

“There’s no book out there saying, ‘This is how you be a victim,’” Bosley said. “We’re all in this community. We’re all out here saying these things are happening, our people need help… I just want to help as many of those people as a I can. She is one of those people as well.”

The Circuit Attorney’s Office would not say why the charges were dropped, but says the case is still open and the entire matter remains under investigation.


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