ST. LOUIS – Locals had an opportunity to meet young pets that are ready for their forever homes.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis hosted its annual Adoption Festival Saturday where you could meet available kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs – many of who live in animal foster homes.

Stray Rescue Adoption Coordinator Jordan Wingo shared when the organization was established and information on a new store coming to the midwest area.

“Stray Rescue just had its 25th Anniversary and its whole mission is to tend to the underdog,” Wingo said. “We are building a new location over in Bevo Mill just ten minutes away. “It’s going much bigger so we’ll have a lot more space to rescue a lot more animals.”

The organization’s goal is to take care of the “abandoned, beaten, bred, fought, injured, terrified, defeated, and betrayed.” Before the animals can be ready for the adoption process, they must first be reintroduced to a stable environment that resembles a home.

“Lots of rehabbing and just patience with them because their guards are up,” Wingo said. “A lot of them come with behavioral challenges so giving them patience and love is what gets them ready for adoption.”

With the fall quickly approaching, Stay Rescue looks to get as many strays adopted as possible in the summer.

The organization asks visitors to leave their furry friends at home if they already have pets. Stray Rescue will set up a meet and greet with current family members after the decision is made to keep the event safe and organized.

For more information, please call 314-771-6121 or visit Stray Rescue’s Facebook Page.

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