Brandon Beemer (Shawn, DAYS) “Probably doing scenes in one take. Memorizing lines and getting it done it one take.”

Charles Shaughnessy (Victor, GH) “Because of how fast soaps move these days, almost everything you do now as an actor has minimal rehearsal opportunities. If we’re lucky, we may get a chance to run a scene with our scene partner very quickly, but it’s nothing like when I was DAYS in the ’80s [as Shane] and had all day to go into each other’s dressing rooms and run scenes. So, the more you do it, the more facile you get it knowing how to prepare for a scene on your own.”

Krista Allen (Taylor, B&B) “It all has to do with confidence. I’ve been acting for such a long time now and the freedom I have as a actor, just to have fun in a scene or see things from a different perspective, a bird’s eye view of the entire storyline as opposed to just the scene, that’s where you can step out of it a bit and play with it. That’s how you develop a character, and it’s been fun to look at it from that perspective.”

Allison Lanier (Summer, Y&R) “Becoming more comfortable with everyone on set, and always being ready to go on the first take with little rehearsal time. The concept of doing only one take was new to me, but now I love the efficiency of it.”

Robert Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) “The body of work, the amount of work that we do every single day. There are days when I’m still a little bit bogged down, because it’s a lot. But it’s just like being in the gym — the more you work it, the easier it becomes. It’s muscle memory and getting into the rhythm of things.”

Katelyn MacMullen (Willow, GH) “One of the hardest things for me when I was new is kind of a technical thing. If you’re turning in a scene to look at somebody else behind you, or to pivot to somebody, you have to turn so that the front of your body is turning in front of the camera, so that your back isn’t facing the camera. At first, I’d have to tell myself, ‘Remember, turn this way, not that way.’ Now, it feels a little bit more like second nature to do that.”

Kelsey Wang (Allie, Y&R) “Creating Allie’s chemistry with the Abbotts and Noah has gotten easier with time. As I got to know each of them, it has made me feel more comfortable to act alongside them. I feel very grateful to learn from this generous and kind group of veteran actors!”

Tanner Novlan (Finn, B&B) “The memorization comes easier, and being able to adjust on the fly. Sometimes you’ll get extra pages at the last minute and not panicking. It’s like. ‘I can memorize this. I can roll with it,’ and that’s nice.”

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