Jason Thompson (Billy, Y&R; ex-Patrick, GH) “John Ingle [ex-Edward, GH]. The sweetest man ever. A man who taught drama class at Hollywood High to some of the greats. He showed up every day with gratitude and excitement. We connected on a deep level and I’m forever grateful for the time I spent with him. I have a deep love for John Ingle.”

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B) “Susan Flannery [ex-Stephanie]. She was very welcoming to me when I first started on the show, and I learned so much from her.”

Brandon Beemer (Shawn, DAYS) “Peter Reckell [ex-Bo,]. He took me under his wing and really was there for me and guided me. He told me things I needed to know, things I could forget about, how to take on large amounts of material all at once … He told me a lot of little things that I still think about to this day and that influence how I am at work and how I am as an actor.”

Marcus Coloma (Nikolas, GH) “I would have to undoubtedly say Maurice [Benard, Sonny,]. He just knows this world so well and is so genuine and has been so generous in giving me his knowledge and information. I love the guy.”

Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R) “My biggest influence at work has been Darlene Conley [ex-Sally, B&B]. Since day one I have been inspired by her as Sally, influenced by her, and strived to be as free, authentic, grounded and vibrant in my work and as respected as she was as an artist and a human being. I’ve prayed many times to her as I’ve talked with God before stepping out on stage.”

Tabyana Ali (Trina, GH) “Probably Donnell [Turner, Curtis], without him even knowing. His presence and his guidance really inspire me. He’s very supportive and encouraging. He has shown me that it’s okay to speak up for something that you believe in and it’s okay to vocalize my opinions and to be myself.”

Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS) “Without a doubt Deidre Hall [Marlena] and Drake Hogestyn [John]. They’re pillars of the industry and have been shining examples of professionalism, humor and grace. I feel so lucky to play their daughter.”

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B) “John McCook [Eric,]. What can I say? The man is a legend.”

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