Don Diamont (Bill, B&B) “I auditioned for Jackie Cooper. It was the young male lead as a star of the track team, and amazingly enough, I got the job. I knew Jackie from the Superman movies and my mom was a huge fan of his and my mom came to set, and he actually pulled me in a headlock and said, ‘You’re gonna be a star.’ The next day, the film was shut down due to financial concerns. It was like that episode of FRIENDS with Joey when he showed up in Las Vegas and the movie fell through. That was my introduction to Hollywood.”

Jason Thompson (Billy, Y&R) “My first acting job, besides a few commercials, was FLIPPER that I shot in Australia. I had never been on camera in that capacity before and didn’t know what a mark was, nothing. I had a blast!”

Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS) “Technically, it would have been as a singer at Hersheypark. I was in the Legends of Rock and Roll show, and I wore black spandex biker shorts with a cheetah print along the sides, a neon tank top and orange Converse high tops. I earned my money.”

Annika Noelle (Hope, B&B) “As a newborn, I was in an advert for a birth center of a hospital.”

Wally Kurth (Justin, DAYS; Ned, GH) “I was 19, living in Billings [MT], and working odd jobs around town. I was hired to play a small part in an ABC Movie of the Week starring Kurt Russell that was shooting in Roundup [MT]. Kurt thought my line wasn’t really necessary since his character would just push me away once I stepped in front of him. So my only line, which was something like, ‘Hey, you can’t grab her,’ was cut. If you blink, you would have missed seeing me get pushed away by a young Kurt Russell. Always had a little bit of resentment toward Kurt, even though he was probably right.”

Sean Dominic (Nate, Y&R) My first paid acting job was a local commercial in Atlanta. From what I remember, it was about finding lost car keys or car safety.”

Cameron Mathison (Drew, GH) “My first paid acting job, not including commercials, was a Lifetime movie called ANY MOTHER’S SON, acting opposite Bonnie

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