The Peoria Chiefs may have the best Legacy as a high A team but we will get to that later . The Peoria Chiefs are named after the Peoria Indian tribe that the city was named after. The Chiefs were founded in 1983, but in 2005 they changed they “offensive Indian ” logo to a Dalmatian fire chief.The Chiefs have been affiliated with the LA Angels from 1983-‘84, Chicago Cubs from ‘85- ‘94, the St. Louis Cardinals from ‘95 -‘04 , then back to the Cubs ‘05 to ‘12, and are currently with the Cardinals since ‘13. 

Now to the player of the past…

Hall of Famer Greg Maddux was on the Chiefs in 1985 , Kerry Wood was the ‘98 NL Rookie of the year and on the team in ‘05 and ‘07. Coco Crisp was the leader in stolen bases in 2011.  Before Joe Girardi  was a manager he played for the Cheifs in 1986. 

The players that are still playing…

WARNING this list is long and packed full of greats.

 In 2000 Alberta pujols played for the Cheifs, he has won 3 NL MVP (05 ,08 and 09 ) , ROY in 01.

Josh Donaldson how won the AL MVP in 08 and has had a great career.

Yadier Molina has been on the Cardinals for 19 years and is retiring at the end of this year , he has 8 gold gloves and been an all star 9x.

DJ Lemahieu won the Nl batting title in 2016.

Javier baez was in Peroia in 2012.

Finally, Sandy Alcantara who is on that Miami Marlins team that has a great pitching rotation. 

Now to the Prospects…

SS Masyn Winn was drafted in 2020 in the 2nd round with the 54 pick. This is his 2nd year in the minors first year he was in low A and now in high A   Batting an .242 avg. OBP of .324 and a SLG of .358. This year he has step up his game and is batting .350 with an OBP .404 and SLG of .566. He has sadly only 1 Dinger but has 45 hits in only 33 games. I could see him getting the call.up to double A if he keeps this up.

 RHP Michael McGreevy was drafted in 2021 in the frist round with the 18th pick. He has had two years of minor league baseball. The first year he pitched 7.2 innings ans had an 9.39 ERA. In his second year he has started in 45.1 innings he has a 2.58 ERA . An insane WHIP of 0.99 and batters have an AVG of .238. Only giving up 1 dinger. 

RHP Austin Love was drafted in 2021 in the third round with the 90th pick. He has been in the minor leagues for 2 years. Year one he only pitched 8.0 innings amd has a 1.13 and only giving up 3 hits. This year he has pitched in 8 games and 37.1 innings. He has a high 6.75 ERA giving up 46 hits. He has a WHIP of 1.66 and the opponent has a batting AVG of .30. Hopefully he can turn it around. 

And lastly RHP Gordon Graceffo was also part of the 2021 draft class. He was The St. Louis Cardinals 5th round draft pick, pick number 151. He has been in the minor leagues of two second and have excelled at both Low A and High A. Let’s start in year one where he played in 11 games and 26 innings. In put up an ERA of 1.73. He has given up 27 hits but his WHIP is at an incredible .68 and a opponent batting AVG of .170. If he keeps this up for like 70 to 80 innings . The Cardinals will have to move him up. 

The Peoria Cheifs has a tremendous amount of amazing player come though Perioa. It seem with the Cardinals great drafting this trend will continue. So if you live in central Illinois make the time to see this awesome team .


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