BETHALTO, Ill. – A Bethalto man died and his neighbor was sent to a hospital after trying to break up a dog fight in their neighborhood Saturday.

Christina Graham said she sees her neighbor walking his dog on a leash several times a day. On Saturday morning, she ran outside and found three dogs and their owners trying to break up the fight. She said she was almost bit.

“I don’t know if she had them on the other side and she didn’t see him and he didn’t see her, but they got away from her and came after him,” said Graham.

Bethalto police said Ronald Jones was walking his dog when his neighbor’s two dogs pulled free from their leashes and began attacking Jones’ dog. 

“He was trying to get his dog. He had the leash, he was trying to get his dog away from her dogs,” said Graham.

Neighbors called 911 while Graham ran inside to get some water for Jones. She said when she ran back outside Jones had collapsed and was lying on the ground. 

“I wanted to help him but again I wasn’t trained to do CPR, so you know all I could was just stand there,” said Graham. “It was very traumatic, but I’m sure not half as traumatic as what his family is going through right now and my heart is with them.”

Officers said they didn’t find any bite marks on Jones and the cause of his death is under investigation. Jones’ dog is being treated at a local animal hospital. 

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