MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – On Wednesday, more than two dozen dogs will arrive at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Best Buddy Center in Maryland Heights for a veterinary exam after being rescued earlier in the day.

The dogs, all Lakeland Terriers, were found on the property of a formerly-licensed breeder in Ozark County, Missouri, located along the Arkansas border.

According to HSMO President Kathy Warnick, the organization learned the individual was still breeding dogs without proper licensing, which can lead to potential abuse or unsafe conditions for the animals.

The dogs are mostly adult-age, but five of the animals are younger than 7 months old. Several of the dogs are suffering from minor cuts and tissue damage, with one missing its entire ear.

Warnick expects the dogs to be available for adoption after they’ve recovered from their trauma.

Missourians can report animal abuse or neglect via the HSMO Animal Cruelty Hotline at 314–647-4400.


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